India Rubber Meet 2018 aims to provide a global meeting point and an international platform for productive networking and fruitful interactions among all stakeholders of rubber industry across countries.

The event is ideally suited for:

  Rubber farmers (Smallholders and Estate owners)
  Estate managers
  Processors of various traded forms of natural rubber
  Rubber Producers’ Societies (RPSs) and cooperative marketing Societies
  Local traders and exporters of natural rubber
  Purchase managers
  Producers and dealers of synthetic rubber
  Processors and dealers of reclaimed rubber
  Manufacturers of automobile tyres and tubes
  Manufacturers of various non-tyre products
  Players in rubber packing and logistics industry
  Commodity analysts and advisors
  Research scholars and research institutes
  Investment banks and hedge funds managers
  Members and brokers in commodity futures
  Rubber industry associations
  Potential investors and entrepreneurs in rubber industry
  Policy makers and regulatory bodies