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The rubber industry in India has more than a century old history. It started with the plantation of rubber on commercial-scale in 1902 at Thattekkad in Kerala, the southern state of India. The natural rubber produced then was mostly exported. Rubber product manufacturing industry was started later in 1921 with the establishment of Dixie Aye Rubber Factory in Kolkata.

The rubber industry passed through the perils of Great Depression, but the World War made rubber dearer, leading to occupation of the rubber growing countries by the Axis powers and also to intensive research on synthetic alternatives both by the Allies and the Axis powers.

During post-war period, the rubber industry in India gained the patronage of the Government, and both plantation and manufacturing industry achieved spectacular development. Reclamation of rubber which was initiated during the War also developed into a robust industry in India. The rubber industry in India is unique as the domestic production and consumption supports each other and moves in tandem.

With globalization, the commercial boundaries of nations have waned and world trade has evolved into a single market. Competitiveness both in cost and quality has emerged as passwords to prosperity. Technical knowledge attained strategic superiority as it is the key to both cost and quality. That together with development of linkages through networking is essential for excellence in business.

The India Rubber Meet is an attempt to cater to this need of the rubber industry. When the idea of a pan-industry meet was mooted, all sectors came forward to behold it with fervour as is evident from the list of organisers. It includes rubber growers - large and small, - rubber processors, tyre and non-tyre rubber product manufacturers, government and non-government promotional bodies, trade organisations, research and skill development institutions and the media dedicated to rubber industry. The industry has a large workforce and millions of customers who will also be benefited by the Meet, which aims at the progress of the rubber industry.

India Rubber Meet 2022

The Rubber Board and the stakeholder associations in rubber and related sectors are jointly organizing India Rubber Meet 2022 (IRM 2022), the six th edition in the series, at Kochi, Kerala on 22-23 July 2022. The Meet will have representation of stakeholder associations from all segments of the rubber industry, the media and the Rubber Board. IRM is a regular forum for interaction, networking and exchange of information. IRM 2022 is organised under the aegis of India Rubber Meet Forum (IRMF), a society formed by Rubber Board and the stake holder associations in rubber and related sectors.

The theme of IRM 2022 is ‘Natural Rubber for a Sustainable Future’. There will be invited talks by internationally renowned speakers on various topics. There will also be panel discussions involving experts and key stakeholders from different segments of the rubber industry. Presentation on innovations for the resurgence of the rubber sector will also be discussed in the Meet. The Meet will create an opportunity for interaction, networking and exchange of information among the participants and may also help in finding strategies to overcome the challenges in the rubber sector. A national level organising committee under the chairmanship of Dr. K.N. Raghavan IRS, Executive Director, Rubber Board with the representation of all segments of the rubber industry, is constituted to formulate and organise the event. The committee includes representatives of small and large rubber growers, rubber processors and traders, tyre and non-tyre sectors, auto component manufacturers, rubber product exporters, synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber manufacturers, rubber research and skill development institutions, media dealing with rubber etc.

IRM 2022 is targeted to attract around 500 delegates from India and abroad

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